Our Firm

Atelier3 Design provides architectural design, interiors, facility planning, and graphic design services.  The clients we serve are diverse in their scale as well as their scale of needs, their personalities and spatial sensibilities.  Hence, the projects we design are shaped to reflect the unique qualities that each of our clients possess, such that each project will be distinctive and user specific.

Atelier3 Design also values clients who expect a high level of engagement and a superior knowledge of the best practices of business, but are seeking the most financially feasible team without compromising a quality product. Atelier3 Design feels that this is a key differentiation for us. Our approach to design begins with our ability to actively listen to client needs, providing a discreet set of services for any given project without inflating our value with unnecessary overhead and expenses. Moreover, the fact that we are Minority Owned and Operated is not the linchpin to our professional brand, rather an incentive for clients and strategic partners who support professional diversity and inclusion initiatives.