A3 Visits College Bound To Mentor Students


In a time when the President of the United States has admonished all capable citizens to “get involved”, members of Atelier3 Design are doing just that by taking on the added service of being mentors to students from around the St. Louis Metropolitan area who participate in the after school program called “College Bound”.

The mission of College Bound is to provide promising high school students from under-resourced backgrounds with the academic enrichment, social supports and life skills needed to apply, matriculate and succeed in four year colleges.

Atelier3 Design visited the program and spent an evening observing their activities – engaging them in their academic interests beyond high school and then proposing practical scenarios as building blocks for individual success.

With Atelier3 Design being an MBE Certified company, we are proud to provide a “future reflection” as professionals for the predominantly African American group of students within College Bound.

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