06 Graphics

Graphics (n.) The representation of data in a way that includes images in addition to or instead of text.

Whether hand crafting playfully expressive sketches on trace or employing the mastery of computer-aided rendering techniques, our staff is adept to transcending the more conventional means of communicating design.

At times, a client needs to communicate the broader design intentions of a project even at its inception.  To establish consensus among a group of deciders, to convey a vision to the public of things to come, or to create a presentation tool for capital campaign fundraising; a rendering will accomplish these things and more.

Atelier3 Design combines our creative talents with technological savvy to provide clients with the graphic visioning needed to sell ideas.

It is not uncommon to confuse way-finding with signage design.  Certainly, way-finding incorporates the use of signage.  However, way-finding is the strategic orientation of the individual to his or her surroundings.  Guiding the matrix of vehicular and individual pathways in a safe and logical way not only informs one of the destination, but can establish a mosaic of view opportunities, organize activities by function, and animate the pedestrian experience.

Way-finding as a design service is applicable to new construction developments and even more useful when incorporated as a process into existing facilities/developments which can stand for improvements that will more effectively inform users how to maneuver through the defined space.

Signage can take many forms: a monument, a logo, a sign.  Smart design infuses the process of understanding/enhancing a client’s brand and marking a destination.  Taking into account how the Client wants to be identified, and how the user will first identify the client is not a foregone conclusion.   A3 has the capability to successfully combine these two perspectives into a memorable graphic branding representation.